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About me


Hi, I'm Tracie.

I hope to achieve all the aims I have for The Threshold Centre, moreover, I hope it helps many more people.  

When life has been altered in a way that declines well-being, tackling that decline has been the core of my work.  I have succeeded in empowering people to thrive beyond life-changing and threatening experiences.  And I'm very proud of it.  I'm also proud of myself for being a survivor.  Life can throw so much at us, but only because of that do I know my strength, myself and my worth.  

I want our business to offer modern and brave solutions for individuals & businesses or charities moving towards better emotional well-being and healthiness in their lives and relationships.  For me, aside from physical health, there is nothing more important, apart from being compassionate to ourselves and others in the process.

I achieved an MSc in Psychotherapy & Counselling while as Chief Executive and leading a local, highly regarded Charity called SARAC, dedicated to people who have suffered horrific abuse and prior to that was the Manager for a newly created groundbreaking Centre (thought to one of its kind in Europe) for people dealing with all stages of cancer (including life end) during their chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy treatments at the Beatson Cancer Centre.  My work has changed people who've had to deal with complicated life events for the better.  Both provided front-line holistic and emotional services to support people at a time of extreme vulnerability physically and emotionally.  

In 2018, I was recognised as one of the most 'Inspirational & Influential Women to help make a difference in South Derbyshire'.  I've lectured at Derby University on ‘PTSD and Complex Trauma’ and one of my key areas of interest is 'Relational Coercion & Control' and its impacts on & in the behaviours of victims to assist recovery.

I've crossed my own uncomfortable thresholds and I've strengthened and changed for the better each time.  I haven't got everything 'sorted' in life, not by a long chalk, but some amazing women and men helped me through when I really needed it, so if I can some help to others then the way I see it, even if life isn't alwawys easy, that makes it valuable .