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About US

The modern approach to supporting people over the edge of change towards more contented emotions & relationships. 


The Mission

Empowering people's most important emotional need - 

to feel well in their life & relationships.

Providing a generous, authentic, modern approach to improve well-being & raise understanding.

Passing on skills,  knowledge & developments that change problematic emotional behaviours through listening, connecting & acting responsively.

Making relational & emotional growth beyond distress or trauma less scary. 


 The Vision

Increasing emotionally wellness through exploring, managing, maintaining  & understanding emotional resilience. 

Normalising responses to distress & trauma demystifying stereotyping and challenging attitudes to normal responses resulting from hurt, stress or harsh life experiences.

Empowering choices for those experiencing distress or trauma to choose how they live life and recover.

 Responsibility & making a difference by enabling social participation equality by opening our doors/services to 1000 people who cannot afford to pay.


 The Values

 Authenticity & courage to be daringly real in style & approach.  

Welcoming & supportive so all can embrace a broad-minded, open, attentive interest in the sharing of life histories.

Being a proud part of the local community and making a positive difference. 

Making the most of assets to be able to offer accessible services. 

Displaying passion through creative,  innovative & progressive service delivery. 


 Eagerness to swiftly increase every individuals personal resourcefulness & power.

Partnerships & skilful service excellence via experience & partners who make us stronger.