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Services For individuals

One to One


For anyone experiencing an unfulfilled life and/or difficult emotions at any level.


From general lack of fulfilment through to distress, reflecting on what we have made life experiences mean, leads to changes in our responses and develops self-awareness . 

 Exploring our lives means we acknowledge the gap between our desire for change and current lifestyle or behaviours.  

Understanding our relating styles discovers healthier outlooks and re-processing our coping techniques means we can move towards increased emotional comfort & general well-being.

Personal Coaching


 For anyone requiring relationship or emotional balance and motivation. 


Our relationships with anything or anyone significant, whether romantic relationships (including dating), break-ups,  family or our work, are vital to our well-being.

We can enhance our ability to build and nurture healthier relationships with ourselves, our work life and our significant others and benefits can be had from external, straight forward feedback on our skills & relationships style to open up our abilities and better understand and respond to our relationship with self & others. 

Trauma Recovery


 A more urgent therapy for those suffering any form of trauma responses or symptoms for whatever reason. 

When we experience trauma, we experience symptoms which we have never felt before and the symptoms make us question our normality. 

A  traumatic experience that is overwhelming, frightening, and beyond our control for some of us sets off a psychological reaction that can last for months and sometimes years.   

This therapy can help those who need this to change.



For student or qualified Counsellors and Psychotherapists or employees.

Know as ‘peer supervision’, ‘developmental supervision’, ‘reflective supervision’ or just ‘clinical supervision’,  this complementary to, but separate from, managerial supervision. 

The focus is on supporting development by reflecting on practice in a confidential environment.

It  offers opportunity to reflect on and discuss personal & professional responses to work, and develops our skills, abilities and self-compassion. 

Services for Organisations

In-house Consultancy


 For  advice on change and well-being for  businesses or charitable groups. 


Tailored to requirements, this service can empower you, your business and your work team towards collaboration and change that leads improved satisfaction, increased well-being & morale.

Using a combination of many methods effective in developing communication, knowledge and skills, we can all modify our attitudes and change.

 The focus is on supporting personal and  professional development by encouraging skills, abilities & compassion. 

Training Design & Delivery


 For work and/or community based teams experiencing stress, difficult emotions or relationship issues. 

 By unravelling what your teams or community groups are struggling with, we can develop solutions tailored to meet those needs.

Investment in people that a company or community makes contributes to a supportive workplace and society and means people feel valued & adopt change more readily.

With improved satisfaction and team spirit, we enjoy more balanced, secure and fulfilling everyday lives and relationships.