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From a client who wanted to tell of her experience (and who crossed over the edge to change):

 'After years of seeing multiple therapists with unsatisfying results and made to feel a number not a person I was sceptical about seeing another. I can only say I wished I had found Tracie sooner.

When I first met Tracie, my life was so complex, i felt so lonely, exhausted,out of my depth and so desperate. my life was non-existent I just survived behind closed doors watching the world go by which I've never been a part of.  

What made the difference to me was my therapist Tracie, she understood how I felt and was very good at challenging the negative way I thought about myself, she was a brilliant listener and extremely supportive. she helped me get to know myself better,she was incredibly helpful and very good at explaining why I felt the way I did, I was always re-assured my feelings were normal and I was not alone which helped enormously. she learnt me how not to give up on myself and gave me the safe space I needed to feel things and process those feelings. I was never made to feel judged or made to feel other than free to talk about how I really felt and lived.  

Through tough times Tracie never gave up on me, and gave me the determination and hope to fight for myself, she was extremely patient and compassionate, while being pro-active and constructively challenging when she needed to be.  

My sessions not only helped me gain an understanding of my thoughts and patterns but also gave me the tools to break the bad habits and understand what was important.

As a result I feel in control,grounded and more confident in all parts of my life. and more importantly feel more able move forward in my life, I have made small changes to my life which is on going and have a more positive way of looking at things, I have been given a chance to have a life that I had been denied for most of my life through no fault of my own and I want to grab every opportunity I can .

My mind was like a prison, it took someone unique to be able to unscramble all that, , I feel so lucky and blessed to have found Tracie and work with her, her results speak for themselves my family are amazed at the difference in me since seeing Tracie, I didn't think it was possible, I do not know how she does what she does but she as given me a life. 

Whether you are considering therapy for the first time or feel its a dead end, I believe you have nothing to lose and plenty to gain by seeking out an introduction session with Tracie you will not be disappointed she is truly one of a kind and I would highly recommend. ' 

Client 50+yrs, Cannock, Staffordshire